Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Really Don't Know What to Think About This

I came across this today in the Church Leader Intelligence Report.  I am a bit flummoxedimage as to what to think:

A new television series airing in the United Kingdom follows an atheist, a lesbian, and others as they attempt to live the Christian life for three weeks. Thirteen non-believers will engage in Bible study and Christian mentoring on "Make Me a Christian," a reality-style show presented by a team of British Christian leaders including the Rev. George Hargreaves, the current Church of England Curate and a pastor from Kensington Temple. Other non-believing participants include an unmarried couple expecting a child, a self-proclaimed witch, and an ex-Christian Muslim. The series intends to document the changes that occur as unbelievers' perspectives on life and the Church are examined in light of Bible teachings and topics. Rev. Hargreaves hopes the series will spark a nationwide evangelical movement, perhaps reversing what he calls "a state of moral decline" in Britain. The "Make Me a Christian" series will air starting August 10. 8/5/08

On the one hand, it may be good.  It might not only be a channel for the Holy Spirit to use to bring some of these people to faith.  It might also de-mystify the faith for non-believers who are watching it on TV.

On the other hand...the Christian life is not primarily a lifestyle.  It is a relationship with God in Christ.  The lifestyle is a RESULT of the relationship, not the other way around.  As always, I am a bit jittery that the show will just be another avenue for non-believers to mock Christian values and lifestyles. 

While it is a British show, we may never know how it ends up.  But it is intriguing none the less. 

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