Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meditating on Scripture

CB064047Brian Larson of Preaching Today is at the Transformational Expository Expository Preaching Conference in Arlington Heights, IL (which I presume is in the Chicago area?).  It is put on by Colin Smith who gave the first two plenary sessions.  Smith noted that he has found three ways to meditate on a text that have been beneficial to him.

The three ways correspond to three types of Old Testament leaders.

  • First, you can meditate on a text as a prophet would, with truth in view.
  • Second, you can meditate on a text as a priest would, with the people in view.
  • Third, you can meditate on a text as a king would, with leadership in view.

I think that is useful. I'm going to have to work that for a while. 

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