Friday, August 15, 2008

Sermon Manuscripts Continued: Bullmore

Josh Harris is continuing his series of original sermon manuscripts from famous contemporary preachers.   Yesterday I showed and commented on Mark Dever's sermon. 

image Mike Bullmore is the pastor of Crossway Community Church in Bristol/Kenosha, Wisconsin.  He was formerly the professor of homiletics and pastoral theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He is a Moody, Wheaton, Trinity and Northwestern grad. 

You can find the sermon notes here.

Bullmore's notes could not be more different from Devers.  They are handwritten instead of typed.  The handwriting is (naturally) much larger than the printed text of Dever's sermons. 

While Dever's had all sorts of markings (lines in the margins, first word of every paragraph underlined, boxes around certain words, Bullmore's have none/little of that.  There are a few cross-outs and a few additions, but very little compared to Deaver

While it is neither here nor there, I find Bullmore's handwriting interesting. It has lots of flourishes and is very stylistic. It is extremely difficult to read. 

I don't know that I would have gotten much out of these notes without listening to the audio of the sermon while I followed on his notes. 

Amazingly to me, it is a word-for-word manuscript, like Deaver's.

Some observations:

Bullmore uses numerous instance of parallelism. And he lays it out that way clearly in his notes. 

(p. 7, 1/3 of the way down the page)

Listen: this applies to everyone of us.  God is the greatest reality in the universe. And not just in THE universe; YOUR universe. 

So the Question is Where Are You Putting God in YOUR Universe?

  • Are you Neglecting God?    Trusting yourself?
  • Are you Patronizing God?   saying OK, I'll go to church
  • Are you Trivializing God?    saying "he won't care what I do or how I act?

There will be judgment for all who have neglected, patronized and trivialized God."

He does put some instructions. When he wants to emphasize something put (2x) behind it:  "There appears a glimmer of hope" (2x)

When he quotes the hymn "Rock of Ages" he simply puts a break //Rock of Ages.  He has the words to the hymn memorized.

He doesn't give the extent of what he is going to read.  He just directs people's attention to the first verse.  He then puts in brackets the verses he intends to read.

"Look with me at ch. 3, v. 14 [vv. 14-17]"

Good sermon.  Glad Bullmore could read his own handwriting!!!

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