Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top Twelve Posts from My First Year of Talking the Walk

Back in May I finished my first year of blogging on Talking the Walk. At the time I promised to come up with a list of my Top Ten Posts from the first year.

That proved to be a harder job than I thought. There were just a LOT of posts to go through. And do I count posts that basically are quoting someone else's material? How much of the post has to be my material to allow it to count?

I finally narrowed it down to an even dozen, plus one honorable mention (see below).

So here are MY choices. Thanks to Milton Stanley who was the only one who submitted HIS choice of my top post.

In chronological order only:

How to Give an Evangelistic Invitation

Participating in the Eternal

On Smiling

Trying not to Slaughter Typology
Preaching "Beyond" What the Bible Says (Milton's favorite)
On the Public Reading of Scripture in Worship, Pt 1 (There were four parts to this series, but I will count the entire series as one post).
A Prepared Preacher, More Than a Prepared Sermon

27 Ways to Introduce a Sermon

16 Things Paul Did Right in His Sermon Introduction on Mars Hill

"Will You Turn With Me To"...To Wait or Not to Wait?

Preaching Sunday Morning to a Monday People

Feeling Uncomfortable With What I DIDN'T Do.

The Honorable Mention Has to be the Post Nazis & Preaching. It garnered the most comments (most were hateful--some even so vile I deleted them), the most log-ins (my highest weeks to date) and actual physical actions in response from Nazi's across the nation. There were a couple of other posts regarding the topic afterwards, and there have even recently been activity against my family by the Nazis, (after I preached on racism earlier this month) but I have basically quit posting about it at my wife's request.

(I guess I just broke that promise...oops!)


Milton Stanley said...

Glad you're blogging, Cal. You've done some fine posts here. Keep talking the walk!

Cal Habig said...

Thanks Milton!

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