Thursday, August 21, 2008

What If...?

Milton Stanley quotes Royce Ogle to ask:

imageI just wonder what it would be like if for six months if all of us had preachers like those in Acts 6:4. If the preachers’ only task was preaching and praying. If deacons really did what deacons are supposed to do, I wonder how different our churches would be?

If your preacher had a week, locked away in seclusion with just his Bible and his God, no books, no Internet, do you think his preaching would improve? What do you think?



While there might be some theological haggling over who the contemporary counterparts to the apostles and seven seen in Acts 6 are today...still Ogle's point is provocative and one we would do well to consider...

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Milton Stanley said...

Glad you found something helpful at TS, Cal. Thanks for sharing some really good work from Royce. Peace.

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