Thursday, September 18, 2008

Camp Logos


Today (Thursday) and tomorrow I am attending Morris Procter's Camp Logos which is taking place up across the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA.  Camp Logos is a two day training event to learn (or become more proficient in) Logos/Libronix Bible software.

I began to use Logos Bible software sometime back in the mid nineties when the whole program fit on a couple of 3.5" floppy disks.  Wow has that changed. 

Now Logos has morphed from a stand alone Bible program to an entire library system called Libronix.  Libronix is the underlying engine running all of the books that are in the Libronix Library.  Logos was the first name and still mostly refers to the Bible software part of it, as well as the name of the company.

The Bible and a multitude of ways to study the Bible are still at the core of Libronix, but there are several thousand books available in the Libronix electronic format.  I think that I am approaching 3,000 volumes in my Libronix electronic library. 

I attended Camp Logos up in Logos' hometown of Bellingham, WA a couple of years back.  It was excellent, but it was too much to absorb in two days.  And so I determined to go again and try to pick up more of the material that either went over my head or which I was just too overwhelmed to retain. 

It was a couple of months after I had been to camp Logos initially that a group of church members complained to my elders that (among other things) my sermons were too deep.  I guess that is some sort of recommendation for the training...and the software.

Perhaps because I have 10-15 years of experience using Logos/Libronix, I find it extremely easy to use.  (Others don't find it so easy, I know).  I have used Online Bible, e-Sword, WordSearch and Ages Bible software.  I keep coming back to Logos/Libronix and actually even quit trying out other programs. 

A Bible program is an intensely personal thing.  It is kind of trying to describe to someone why you love your spouse.  The reasons are intensely personal and even defy an adequate logical description.

I have no interest in starting a rancorous debate.  But I would be interested to find out what Bible software you use and why you chose it? 

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Eutychus said...

I use Accordance (for the Mac).

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