Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool Tool: AuthorStream


I came across a little tool this week that may be helpful.  It is called AuthorStream and is a tool that turns your sermon (or whatever...) Powerpoint presentations into flash files and then allows them to be stored and viewed on the net. I see two advantages of this:

1.  Rather than sending an entire PPT file to someone (which can be quite large & cumbersome), you can just send them a link and they can view the PPT right there on the site.

2. Because it is a flash presentation, and not a PPT presentation, it cannot be (as easily) changed and stolen.  You CAN allow people to also download the original PPT for their use, but that is only an option.

I found it very easy to register and just as easy to upload my first PPT.  I used this morning's sermon on Acts 15:36-41 [the division between Paul & Barnabas] and uploaded the converted the Powerpoint from that sermon to the flash.  You can find it here.

I would suggest you check it out. It may be of use to you and it may not, but I find it a cool little tool. You can find the homepage here.


claire said...

Hi Cal,

Thanks for your sharing. I'm also a AuthorStream users about 3 months. Their conversion is good. But sometimes some animations(By words, by letters) can not be converted completely.

So now I transfer to Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional which with a better PowerPoint to Flash conversion quality.

Hope it helps!

Jagdeep. S. Pannu said...

Hello Cal,

Thanks for writing about authorSTREAM. We really appreciate it.

We are always in the process of improving/adding to our service so you can see our blog for the latest updates. I would also like to refer to the How it works page for in-depth information about authorSTREAM's various features.

Claire, thanks for using authorSTREAM. If you could specifically point out your presentation where you faced an issue, I would be able to help.

Jagdeep Singh Pannu
For authorSTREAM

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