Monday, September 1, 2008

How I Ended My Sermon on Jealousy

Jealousy I told you I would report how I ended my sermon on jealousy, particularly regarding ending it with a Muslim poem. 

While I was not pleased with the sermon as a whole, I did think that the intro and conclusion worked OK.  I dropped the Hindu poem at the beginning of the sermon. I felt that the Muslim poem really fit better with my Christian sermon.  And the inclusion of two non-Christian poems seemed a bit much. 

Instead I began with a reference to jealousy in the movie Spiderman 3 (Eddie Brock's jealousy of Peter Parker and how his jealousy put him in a position to be attacked by the symbiote transforming him into the archrival Venom, which ultimately lead to his death). I wish that I had had a video clip, but settled on that intro way too late to do a clip.  Using the Spiderman clip seemed more culturally relevant and more of an attention grabber than the Hindu poem.

When it came to ending the sermon, which is what I sought your advice on, I kept the poem, but introduced it this way: 

While Islam gets many things wrong about God, Jesus and the Bible, one Muslim poet had a realistic perspective on Jealousy:


And most all of your sufferings

Are from believing

You know better than God....

While I was not overly pleased with the way that the sermon went, I had several strong positive responses to it, including one lady in tears over the jealousy with which she was currently struggling.  So God can use even my struggles in crafting a sermon. 

You can find the audio here.  (They are doing a server change-over today at the church[Labor Day holiday in the US], so if the site is down, try again tomorrow)

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