Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spurgeon Fellowship, Western Seminary: Kent Hughes #2


10:52-still waiting...  :-(


11:00-Art Azurdia introduces the program.  I misunderstood.  The publicity said that the program would start at 10:30, but actually registration started at 10:30.  The schedule for TODAY said that the program would begin @ 11.

This begins the 3rd season of the Spurgeon Fellowship.  Art Azurdia introduced Hughes.  Azurdia is on the staff here at Western.





The Bible has been a dominating passion of Hughes' ministry

45 years of ministry

  • Youth minister
  • Church planter
  • Traditional church pastor (College Church in Wheaton, IL for 27 years).

Contemporary slide to "dys-exposition"

Wandering/departing from the text

No engagement with text in context

Invites all types of abuses

1. De-contexted

Scripture ripped from its context

2. Lensed

Text used through a favorite lens-political, social, chauvinistic, etc.

Whatever the text it always comes back to the lens.  (Every text comes back to being about the home, or every text ends with the preacher wrapping himself in the American flag)

Psychologize-the most dangerous.  People may not recognize it.

3. Moralized

Phil 3:13-"this one thing I do".  Used to teach having goals & prioritizing.

Moralizing always leads to trivializing the text.

4. Doctrinalized

5. Silenced

Preacher speaks on the silences in God's Word. ("We don't know what Mary was thinking when she was pregnant, but she SURELY was thinking this...; therefore we must do this...)

A Biblical expositor BETTER be exposed to his peoples needs & the winds of culture.  But the problem preaching to felt needs is that the felt needs are not the deepest needs.

Dys-exposition is on the RISE in evangelical churches in America


"Therefore a prolegomenon to biblical exposition.  The Mind of the Preacher as it encounters and relates to the Word of God."

(picture is a stock photo of Kent Hughes, not from today)

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