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Spurgeon Fellowship, Western Seminary: Kent Hughes #3


A. THE NATURE OF SCRIPTURE (demands expositional preaching)

What do we need to believe about the scripture if we are going to do proper exposition in our preaching over a life-time?

Lectio Continua--John Calvin used this phrase to describe the necessity of preaching through the Bible. 

When it comes to exposition, what you believe about Scripture is EVERYTHING.

Solid biblical exposition must come out of a inerrantists view of scripture.

Matt 5:18-Jesus' view of scripture.

But having a high view of scripture is not enough.

He must not only believe that it is inerrant, but he must believe that it is potent & sufficient.

Deut 31.  "they are not idle words for you...they are your life"

Isa 66.2-“These are the ones I look on with favor:...[those] who tremble at my word.

Our Lord lived in full submission to the scriptures that he knew.

Slaughter-here is the one man who not only KNEW the Word, but DID it.

John Winham: the Sermon on the Mount has few direction quotations, but it so full of allusion that it impossible to know what was conscious allusion and what was not...it was just his informed normal thought patterns and forms.

The scriptures are life to Moses & food to Jesus.

We need to take seriously Jesus' regard for the sufficiency of the Word of God.  They are LIFE and FOOD.

This informs all apostolic preaching

  • 2 Tim 3:16
  • 2 Tim 2.15

Our calling is to be a man who GETS it straight and GIVES it straight.

Heb 4.14-scripture divides soul & spirit


The one who will do exposition must believe that the scriptures are wholly inerrant, totally sufficient & massively potent

Is Hughes preaching to the choir when he tells this to us?  Yes and no.

Why the increasing dys-exposition in so many Bible-believing pulpits?

1. Some Bible believing preachers REALLY do not believe in the potency & sufficiency of scriptures.

They believe that they believe it, but they don't believe what they believe that they believe!

Many of us need to invite the Bible into our hearts...we need to believe it!

2. Some don't believe that the bare Word of God will connect. All sorts of other things will connect, but not the Word of God.

Many people find reasoned discourse difficult, but want to talk about subjective inner experience & feelings instead.

Because people like it, we revert to telling one story after another, but don't preach God's Word.

3. Some have been told so much about the difficulty of bringing the two worlds (biblical and contemporary) together that they don't try.

4. Many preachers don't do solid exposition because it is too much work:  preacher's sloth.


B. THE INSEPARABILITY OF WORD AND SPIRIT (demands expositional preaching)

John Woodhouse-the words ruach & pneuma can be both breath & spirit. "The Spirit of God is as closely connected to the WOG [my shorthand for Word of God] as breath is to speech."

Gen 1-the spirit was hovering

Ps 146 -

Is 34.16

Is 61.1-

Where the Word , the Spirit is as well.  (Woodhouse)

What was Jesus' view?

John 3.34

John 6.63

2 Tim 3.16-

If you don't have the Word, you don't have the Spirit


11:55 a.m.


I Tim 4.13-Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching.

At end of first century-Justin Martyr-it was taken for granted that biblical exposition would be the norm.


12:00 p.m.


The reformers return to scripture was accompanied by expositional preaching.

Calvin revered the scriptures as if they had been penned with the very blood of Christ.

Calvin: "We must not pick the scriptures to fit our fancy, but we must accept it wholly as the Word of God."




For the above reasons, exposition must be the regular diet of the church.

David Bass-the nature of preaching is plainly There are not different types of preaching--only one--expositional. 

"We must not be afraid of the text because 'it might spoil our sermon'." --David Bass



Azurdia comes up and concludes by exhorting people not to do two types of preaching: 

Skyscraper sermons-one story stacked on top of another, on top of another.

Longhorn sermons-two points with a lot of bull in between

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