Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spurgeon Fellowship, Western Seminary: Kent Hughes #4



  1. You would preach texts you would otherwise never preach, maybe even avoid!
  2. I never had to fret about what I was going to preach on next Sunday. 
  3. If you preach, you ARE a theologian; exposition helps you develop as a better theologian. You are better at 30 than you were at 20; better at 40 than at 30, etc.
    • Michael Jordan is declining in his abilities.  Hughes is still improving in his abilities!!
  4. It keeps you subject to the text.  Topical preaching imposes an outside statement on desperate texts.    It keeps you from preaching your theological framework.
  5. It gives you confidence to preach, "Thus saith the Lord."
  6. It is the confidence that when you open the Word, the spirit speaks
  7. It avoids the accusation of preaching "at" people.
  8. It teaches people how to read "God's Word"
    • One person's reaction to Hughes expositional preaching: "It is like moving an athletic event into slo-mo so your people can see what is all involved that you miss when you rush through it."

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