Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spurgeon Fellowship, Western Seminary: Kent Hughes #6


Jonathan Edwards-affections (not a moderate feeling or attachment) your heart, your inclinations & your will

Jonathan Edwards:  Your affections involve your fears, your hopes , your loves, your hatreds, your desires, your joys, your sorrows, your gratitudes, your compassions, your zeal.

Sermons preparation is 20-hours of prayer

At times Spurgeon said he would rather take a beating rather than stand in the pulpit & preach.



Preaching has to be directed in Spirit-directed passion

We live in a world of bogus passion. (Many preachers actually practice method acting)

Spiritual passion arises out of believing that what you are preaching is true.

Hume would go to hear Whitfield--"I don't believe what he preaches, but HE DOES."

Where there is no passion, there is no preaching!

You cannot have dispassionate preaching. Oxymoronic.

Peter Jenson: If you don't like the word passion, use the word intensity.

  1. There is the preacher's struggle with his own sin. There is a tension between his life and preaching and the holiness of God.
  2. The preacher must struggle with the text that contradicts his own life.
  3. There is an intensity that comes from struggling with an unbelieving world.

How can the Christian faith, so preached, be anything less than dramatic?


The struggle with yourself, the Word and the World creates passion. 

Your demonstration of passion must be in harmony with your personality.   Intensity may not be emotionally demonstrative.

NEVER copy someone else's passion.

However we preach there must be "blood earnestness"

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