Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Doctrinal Imbalance Am I In Danger of Creating?


Again, reflecting on material from Zach Eswine's book, "Preaching to a Post-Everything World."

Zeal to recover a lost truth also distorts and confuses our preaching voice. The scenario goes like this: Sin isn’t talked about much in one generation or geography, so a preacher in the next generation is tempted to talk about nothing else but sin. The preacher intends this for good, but his overemphasis on sin actually hinders the next generation because those who follow will say, "Grace isn’t talked about much," and they will be tempted to the same overcompensation. False dichotomies are born; movements and countermovements of preaching emerge and challenge one another. The pendulum swings from one extreme to the other. Preachers ask, "What doctrines do I think we’ve lost and must recover?" Perhaps they should be asking, "What doctrinal imbalance am I in danger of creating?"

How true that is.  We see it in every area of the history of the church.  We see it in numerous denominational "births." 

I can't fix the excesses of history.  I can't even "fix" myself.  But I can ask that important question: "What doctrinal imbalance am I in danger of creating?"

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