Sunday, September 14, 2008

When In Doubt, Speak It Out>>BiblicalPreaching

Peter Mead has what is really a simple and yet helpful exercise in sermon prep.  Early in my ministry I used to practice my sermons out loud in the pulpit either on Sunday afternoon or way early on Sunday morning. 

But his suggestion is not really that.  It is DURING YOUR PREPARATION TIME, if/when you get stuck, go to where you preach and preach it out...

It’s not surprising that words on paper sometimes feel overwhelming when we are actually preparing for an oral form of communication, not a written one.  So stand up, Bible in hand, and preach it.  It may still feel jumbled and confused, but it is amazing how quickly a flowing and organized message can form when it is formed orally rather than on paper.

That seems like an excellent suggestion that I am going to try to implement.  Find the entire post here

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