Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Write Your Own Preaching Book in Order to Preach Better


In "Preaching On Your Feet" Fred Lybrand stresses the importance of knowing how you best prepare a sermon:

One of the most powerful things you can do is to write your own book on how you prepare your sermons. You may not write the book to share it with others, but having written, you will certainly have more clarity on your own approach. I have come to realize that I can study a book of a topic in any order I wish, but my mind can still go back and put it in an order that the subject needs. I often will chase different passages that relate to the topic and different words in a passage only to return and reorder my thoughts around the structure of the verses. I also like to arrive at tentative conclusions on my own before I read the commentators. Others may find reading commentaries to be more helpful at the beginning to get a frame on the debate about a passage before wrestling it through themselves. The preacher is a chef, not a server in a lunch line. He must learn and grow in his own approach to sermon preparation.

Actually the thought HAD crossed my mind of making a notebook with the various areas of preaching and what I do and what I find useful...along with ideas that I am learning from this blogging experiment. It would also help me identify the areas to which I need to pay more attention.

You may hear more about that or not, but I think Lybrand has a valid point in suggesting that we outline how we prepare sermons in written format whether anyone else ever sees it or not. It would help me clarify WHAT I do and WHY I do it.

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