Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 Reasons Why Speakers Flop

image Mark Sanborn is the president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc. "an idea studio for leadership development and remarkable performance" based out of Highlands Ranch, CO. 

In an article featured on John Maxwell's Maximum Impact site, Sanborn lists seven reasons why speakers flop.  He is speaking re: business presentations primarily, but the same caveats apply to preaching. 

His seven are:

  1. A disregard for time
  2. Unclear purpose
  3. Inadequate preparation
  4. Failure to capture attention
  5. Pomposity
  6. Boredom
  7. False endings

Sanborn gives explanations of each of his points and then provides a checklist for thinking through your sermon/presentation:

  1. Did I stick to my allotted time?
  2. Did I develop and present purposefully?
  3. Was I thoroughly prepared?
  4. Did I capture attention at the very beginning?
  5. Did I positively influence listeners?
  6. Was I appropriately entertaining, or at least not boring?
  7. Did I end only once?

You can find the entire article here.

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