Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And You Don’t Have to Put $4 Gas in Your Books!

 image Lester Harnish in The Preacher: His Life and Work in gives an interesting rule of thumb in terms or library resources.

the minister should have a library costing at least as much as the car he drives, and should spend four hours a day, five days a week, in concentrated reading and study.


Is that excessive?  I suspect that they are good goals to work toward, but not something to condemn yourself if you cannot regularly meet these rules of thumb.

What do you think? image


(pic is of Spurgeon’s library…I don’t think it is Spurgeon’s car).

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Milton Stanley said...

Those time and money estimates sound about right to me, with one caveat. Free online Bible resources have cut costs substantially for many reference sources. For example, I use a free downloadable Bible browser,The SWORD Project, not only for Bible reading and searching, but for the many and useful public domain commentaries and reference works.

There are also many good, up-to-date commentaries available free online. I share links to all the ones I know about at Links for Expository Preaching.

You can buy many more electronic modules from folks like Logos, but I've found that the cost for these sources is nearly as high as for hardcopy versions. That shouldn't be the case, because much of the cost in hardcopy volumes is for manufacturing, storing, and transporting the physical object. Once e-copies come down to 10-15 percent of hardcopy price(as they almost certainly will), then ministers can spend even less to obtain a good library.

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