Friday, October 17, 2008

The Shack: A Review

image Earlier this summer I read the popular book, “The Shack.”  It certainly has generated a lot of controversy.  Periodically I issue “white papers” on various topics (“Women’s Role in the Church” and “So What About That Book…The DaVinci Code” are two fairly popular ones that come to mind). 

If you would be interested in receiving an e-copy of the Whitepaper, “So What About That Book…The Shack?”  drop me a note.  Glad to share and glad to receive your thoughts on my review.


Eutychus said...

Cal, I'd love to check out your review. Bob
(highway64 [at] Thanks!

Eutychus said...

Cal, ignore my last email address -- I was trying to "disguise" it from the spiders and ended up giving it to you incorrectly. It should be highwayg [at] Thanks.

Ryan said...

Can you e-mail me a copy too? I haven't read the book, but know several people who have.

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