Friday, November 7, 2008

Get Out of the Game

image I belong to a Facebook group for ministers in our fellowship of “independent” churches. (I know…I know…how can you have a fellowship and be independent at the same time…)

But there is always a “question of the week” on the group “wall.”  I have responded to a couple of them, but mostly they don’t rouse me to write.  This week’s hasn’t either, but I was really struck by a quote by a guy name Matt Worstel. I don’t know his location or his age (he look’s 40-ish in the teeny-tiny picts they let you see if you are not friends with someone on FB. 

The question of the week is: “We have all experienced disappointments in ministry… sometimes from elders, staff, the church body, or sometimes we become disappointed in our own actions. How have you overcome that disappointment and what keeps you from throwing in the towel?”

Matt Worstel talked about “leaving ministry” and for him that was a good experience.  At the end of his comments (some of which I think is a lot of self-justification), he noted:

For me it came down to this...if you don't wanna play the game...then you can't complain about the game. If you can't stop complaining about the game...then get out of the game.

How true that is of so many things in life, but it particularly is pertinent to ministry.  So many preachers (me included) complain and gripe about ministry.  “If you can’t stop complaining about it…then get out of the game!”

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