Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Do You Whisper a Sermon?

At small group tonight, I was chastised by one of our group members who is a speech image therapist.   She interrupted the Bible study to give what she called “unsolicited advice.” I have continued to croak & squeak with laryngitis for almost 10 days and am VERY frustrated.  (Although, I seem to be a world of entertainment for those around me).

Sally’s advice—”Quit vocalizing”. Not…quit talking, but “Quit vocalizing.”  Speak EVERYTHING in a whisper without using your vocal cords.  She said…they are surely swollen and you are not giving them a chance to rest.  The advice…”Don’t talk!” is neither helpful nor practical.  But she said, “If you whisper everything, your voice will come back a lot sooner.”

And so, I am trying “Dr.” Sally’s advice.  The real test was not the rest of Bible study tonight with the whole group watching for the least use of my vocal cords, but tomorrow. I have a series of meetings.  We’ll see how it works.

What has worked for you?  Have you had a bad case of laryngitis before?  What helped? I have already told one of our elders to be prepared to preach this Sunday if this is no better.  I don’t like missing preaching, when I am on schedule to preach.  It was OK that we had to do something different last Sunday.  But when God gives a message, I want the physical capability to declare it.

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