Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preaching With Laryngitis

imageWell, today was an odd day.  I caught a cold from my wife when she came back from a family trip to Kansas City.  She caught the cold and had laryngitis for a day or two on our trip to San Diego last month, but it didn’t last long. 

But she was “loving” enough to share and I first caught the cold a week and a half back.  Beginning last Sunday, however, a bad case of laryngitis came on.  It may be as bad a case of laryngitis as I have ever had.  I just kind of whisper & squeak!

The longer the week wore on, the more people asked, “What are you going to if it is like this on Sunday?”  I just always laughed & said, “Oh, it will be fine.” 

I was working on a message from Acts 23 when the High Priest had Paul struck and Paul called him “a white-washed wall.”  When someone nearby criticized him for speaking thus to the high priest, Paul backpedaled because he knew the high priest carried the authority of God,   I was going to make application to the government and the elders of our church. 

My outline was:

1. Paul Recognized That His Reaction Was Wrong (23:5a)

  • Was what he said wrong? No. But the attitude he communicated was wrong.

2. It Was Wrong Because All Authority Is Given By God (23:5b)

  • All authority is delegated.

3. Respect Does Not Demand Being A Doormat (23:6)

  • He WAS willing, however, to pit the Sadducees and Pharisees against each other because he realized the “deck was stacked” against him.

ANYWAY…yesterday, I realized that it was very unlikely that I would be able to preach today.   I was not real excited about calling our youth minister or one of our lay-elders & springing preaching on them with under 24-hours to go.  They could have done it, but I didn’t think it was fair to ask them to. 

As Loretta and I talked, she suggested we do a concert of prayer.  I have done those on numerous occasions, but never on a Sunday morning.  But it was not too difficult to put together, until I had to call our elders & get them onboard, so they would lead and I wouldn’t have to.  It was scurry and leave phone message after message.  (One wife said she had to listen to the message three times to make out who I was and what I was saying).

It went OK, and a number of people thought that it was God’s timing. It was a hard Sunday because we had to announce staff lay-offs because of poor finances.  That, plus concern over what the election results meant, resulted in this being a good time simply for prayer. 

What have you done in similar circumstances?

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