Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Theological German/Theologisches Deutsch

imageI recognize that this link may appeal to a limited audience, but yesterday I discovered a blog entitled Theological German/ Theologisches Deutsch.  He posts a relatively short piece of theological writing (in German, of course). The past few posts have been by Bonhoeffer—either letters or his thoughts on Karl Barth.  Today’s post are Bonhoeffer’s reflections on Weizs├Ącker’s The World View of Physics.  The author (unnamed on the site, but I think is a prof from Kansas) puts a vocabulary list of all but the most basic German words.  I can poke through and make out a sentence here and there, but hope that it will help me brush up on my German and develop my theological German vocabulary.

BTW…if there is anyone from the greater metro Portland area who would like to meet periodically and work through some of these passages and hone each others theological German, let me know.  I’m up for it.

Although:  The great majority of my readers are not from Portland.

(A big shout out to visitors the past three days from Tuscon, AZ; San Jose, Los Angeles, Murrietta, Huntington Beach, Mountain View, Costa Mesa & San Diego, CA; Hartford, CT; Winter Springs, Jacksonville & Ponte Verde Beach, FL; Columbus, GA; Honolulu, HI; Aurora, IL; Rensselaer, Indianapolis & Warsaw, IN; Covington & Louisville, KY; New Orleans, LA; Silver Springs, MD; Woburn & Dudley, MA; Sartell & Minneapolis, MN; St. Louis, MO, Trenton, NJ; Buffalo, New York City, Martville, Brooklyn & Lindenhurst, NY; Norman & OKC, OK; Butler, Norisstown & Wexford PA; Memphis, TN; Dallas, Springtown, Houston & Carrolton, TX; Suffolk, Richmond, Winchester, Arlington & Reston VA; Tacoma & Everett, WA; Beloit, WI; Calgary & Edmonton Alberta; Halifax & Dartsmouth Nova Scotia; Waterloo & Toronto, ON; Prague, Czech Republic; London & Ipswich, England; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Hamilton, & Dundee Scotland; Bad Homburg, Germany; Korea AND Singapore)

I’ll never make the Technorati Top 100, (and that’s OK), but we are a group with a similar passion and your checking in regularly means an awful lot to me. Thanks.

(If my friend from Bad Homburg would like to come join & help us decipher theological German, Sie seid immer welkommen!)

If you are from Portland (I’m on the inner westside, but would travel for this) drop me a comment or a note. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Cal, I'm glad you found my site. If you like try posting a translation as a comment once in a while. I hope you get a group going in Portland.
You might enjoy the interviews with Moltmann, which have a link to the audio. (See the indices on the right)
Alles Gute

Cal Habig said...

Mark--Gruss Gott:
Aren't you the head of the Bible department of Manhattan Christian College?

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