Monday, November 17, 2008

Whether It Was a Miracle or Not, Thank You God!

image Yesterday I was pretty concerned.  I had my sermon ready, but had been without voice most of the week.  One of our elders offered to preach, but I said it wasn’t necessary. 

BUT…Friday night and Saturday all day I had been at a conference with lots of good singing.  And I just CAN’T not sing!  I love to sing worship songs.  And so I arrived home raspy and at half-volume. 

Surely a good night’s sleep will take care of that. 

No. It was worse on Sunday morning. I was going to pay the price of singing too much.

Oh, no…what do I do?   I asked various people, please pray that my voice holds out.  Welcome and announcements were a little rough, but passable. 

But when I got up to preach, it was like I had no problem.  Full voice, not overly raspy and did not break like I was going through second puberty. 

During half-time between services, my raspy, airy whisper was back.  But then when I got up to preach second service, it was the same, seemingly clear and full voiced.

And after service…rough and raspy again.  I want to bed early last night and had to take off work today because of sickness, but God got me through!  Whether it was divine intervention of honey & lemon tea, I don’t know for sure, but either way, God got me through.  Thank you Lord!   Now if I can just get well.  This crud is going into its third week.  Yuck. 

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