Monday, December 15, 2008

Equal Time for Men

image Been a bit overwhelmed, but came across this in Men’s Health magazine’s December edition & thought it would balance my post re: concerns of women.

Men’s Health periodically does a compilation of surveys on men’s faith issues.  This year’s summary of American men:

71% –go to synagogue, church, or other services at least once a year

21%-drew pictures as a kid to stay awake at church

77%-say petitioning for divine intervention paid off at least once

83% -have prayed for some [divine intervention] in an “oh, s--t” moment.

73% believe in miracles

69% have tuned in to watch a televangelist

6%- those whose spirits were moved enough to crack open their checkbooks

68% say their faith helps them manage life’s little stressors

40% – have seriously considered making faith a full-time job

35% have doubted religious enough to consider atheism

32%-say the holiday spirit makes them feel more religious

26% have swallowed a “Merry Christmas” greeting because they didn’t want to risk offending someone.

78% –admit checking out the women in their congregation

60%-would marry a woman of a different religion

88%–would call off it off if the pre-nup included a conversion clause. 

15% -percentage of affairs that involve the desperate housewife next door.

26% –the denomination with the lowest divorce rate: evangelical Christians

30% –divorce rate among atheists & agnostics

The average guy’s favorite movie that melds religious themes with whip-cracking action: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

A couple of these really surprised me—40% have considered some form of professional ministry.  That explains all of the guys who I thought would be the last guy on earth to consider ministry saying, “You know, I thought about being a minister when I was younger.”

That 60% would consider marrying a woman of another religion surprises me, but I guess a good percentage of those are guys who don’t practice their faith anyway?

I don’t know what to think about the the stat about evangelicals having the lowest divorce rate. First, evangelicals are not a denomination—that says something about the awareness of the Men’s Health writer. But I have heard for years that evangelicals have the same divorce rate as non-Christians, and in some surveys, an even higher rate. As I say, I don’t know what to think about the stat, except that I hope it is true. While they credit the photos used on the page, they didn’t credit where the stats came from.

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