Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fun Blast from the Past

Cal at ISCC pulpit3

My wife Loretta is going through stacks of old pictures (they are spread all over the floor of a spare bedroom).  But one of the pictures she came across is me in the pulpit of the first church I served.  It is near Kingsport, TN (between Kingsport and Blountville, if you know the area) and I served as Associate Minister from 1979-1983.  This picture is from 1980.  I preached occasionally from 1979-1981 and then I served as the interim minister for nine months from summer 1981 to spring 1982.  Don’t you love the baby-blue three piece suit? Not sure they could hear much I was saying for the brightness of the suit!!  Good memories. 


Jeremy Strang said...

Great site! Just wanted to say hello from a fellow brother! Be sure to check out our sites as well. We are about to go on the offensive with Paul Washer's - Ten Indictments Sermon. Check out my latest blog. www.time2stand.wordpress.com
God bless,
Jeremy Strang

Cal Habig said...

Thanks Jeremy for stopping by. Blessings on you.

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