Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day at Church

12 20_0080 Today is weird…very weird.  We cancelled church due to snow and ice.  That is very unusual for the “banana belt” of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  We waited until 5p.m. last night to call it, but wanted to do it in time to get the word out.  It was a good call. 

I think we got about 8” of snow at our house and then a coating of ice on top of it. And so at 10:38 on a Sunday morning, I am sitting at home in flannel pants & a sweatshirt.  We went to a birthday party of a friend last night…and then the friend couldn’t get out of her subdivision to come to the party.  (Didn’t keep us from having a good time, however).  As we drove home, the ice pellets started pounding the Tahoe & I knew it was time to get inside.  So…time to read the paper on Sunday morning, fireplace going, and all is well.

Hopefully, we will all be out and ready for a great Christmas Eve service on Wednesday night. Stay warm. 

Evergreen tree from bedroom window(The pictures are ones Loretta took this morning.  One is of  her camellia bush in the back yard taken through our dining room window.  The other is of the neighbors spruce tree taken from our upstairs bedroom window. I liked them.)

Camillia Bush

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