Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leadership in a Time of Downturn

image While not strictly about preaching, Mark Brown of the Bible Society of New Zealand (and pastor of the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life—a totally online church with five weekly services) has a short, but helpful piece on Leadership In a Time of Downturn: 5 Helpful Strategies.

I found #1 (below) particularly helpful, but the other four are just as good.

Number 1# Be present When things start to fall apart, don’t leave the building.  Stick with you team, as much as to show them you are prepared to battle the downturn, but also as such circumstances require extra engagement from the leader.  The recent decision by Cricket Australia to rest the One Day Captain, Ricky Ponting after 4 straight losses is an example of how not lead in a downturn.  At perhaps the lowest point in the teams performance in at least 5 years and the captain is removed from the team. Very poor.


Colin said...

Calvin - just a note to assure you of our prayerful interest in your current situation. We met online in the Logos Global Reader...

Colin Wright
PS Have tried commenting before, but it never succeeded in getting through!

Cal Habig said...

Thank you Colin. That means a lot. Are you still able to use GBR? Mine stopped working 1/2 way through last year & even attempts to reinstall have not allowed it to work.

All the best,
Cal. H

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