Sunday, March 22, 2009

17 Things Seminary Didn’t Teach Me


Charles Savelle points to a great post by Deepak Reju on the 9 Marks Blog entitled: “17 Things Seminary Didn’t Teach Me.”  Most of us could probably add a half-dozen or more.  That is not a slam on seminaries, but just the reality that there are certain things that formal education can’t teach.  (Just as there are things that unless you learn them in seminary, probably you will not learn in located ministry & your ministry will be hampered because of it.) 

Reju’s list:

  1. How to tell a man his wife just died.
  2. How to tell a couple they should not get married.
  3. How to tell a staff member he is fired.
  4. How to tell my wife that I am depressed.
  5. How to tell someone that he or she is foolish.
  6. How to encourage someone who has given up on life.
  7. How to plead with a man to stay with his wife.
  8. How to give comfort to a woman whose husband just left her.
  9. How to give comfort to a mother who just suffered a miscarriage.

To find the rest of the list check here.

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I hope and pray that you and Loretta are well.
Pam and I press on. Please send me a note so I have your email. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you sent me your email address but I lost it.

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