Monday, March 16, 2009

Hyatt>>Video Preaching as Refusing to Pay Your Taxes

image Bob Hyatt from Evergreen Community here in Portland has a powerful argument against video venue preaching. Find it here and a previous but related post here.

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daniel said...

interesting thoughts. i can see how this can be true in the context of the yuppie mega-church type setting. however, i'm not sure if video sermons are categorically the death of preaching.

there's a mega-church in oceanside (North Coast Church...I think) and they use video sermons in some neat ways. They basic model is that in each venue they have a community pastor there to minister/build relationships with their particular community while at the same time having a different person do the preaching through video.

they've also taken this model and applied it long distance. there are several smaller churches throughout the mid-west that cannot afford to pay someone to preach every weekend but they can pay the shipping and handling costs of these videos every week. what has happened in a lot of these churches is that their elders take on the pastoral role and their communities (out of necessity) learn to minister to each other. that, i think is very powerful and maybe even a bit closer to NT ideals about church communities.

I liked his first article about being aware of extremes and avoiding them. But i'm not sure i would argue that technology will be the death or preaching. I think it changes the medium in which the kerygma and didache are proclaimed. Which to some, i suppose, would be the death of preaching.

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