Friday, March 20, 2009

A March Madness for Bibliophiles!

All of my friends may (will) not agree, but I have found a type of March Madness that excites bibliophiles like me.   I have mentioned before that Logos (Libronix format) Bible software is one of the most useful tools I own. (This is NOT an ad, really…)image

Over the years I have accumulated quite a library of electronic books and have even been putting some classic Restoration movement books into Libronix format (.pbb) so that they can be read on Logos software.   (If you have Logos & have the pbb reader key & want any I have produced, let me know--Thomas Campbell, Barton W. Stone, etc.)

Well today, I learned from T.C. Black over at Truth Is Still Truth that Libronix is running a March madness of their own.  They have taken 64 of their electronic titles and put them up head to head.  There are four brackets (16 Old Testament e-books, 16 New Testament e-books, 16 Theology e-books & 16 Popular e-books).  This week you pick eight winners in each category.  The top 32 (8 x 4) books then move on to the second bracket.  They will finally get down to a final four, then two and then a champion book. 

That’s all fine & good you say, but so what?  If you are a Libronix customer/fan, there is a big so what.  They are offering increasing discounts on books that make it farther in the championship.  Here is their breakdown:

To make things more interesting, we’re offering discounts on ALL the books in the tournament and YOU control how much the discount is. Every round that a book advances in the tournament the discount it is eligible for increases.

  • Books not advancing out of round 1 will be offered at 25% off.
  • Books not advancing out of round 2 will be offered at 30% off.
  • Books not advancing out of the sweet sixteen will be offered at 35% off.
  • Books not advancing out of the elite eight will be offered at 40% off.
  • Books not advancing out of the final four will be offered at 45% off.
  • The second place book in the tournament will be offered at 50% off.
  • The tournament champion will be offered at 75% off.

(No, I don’t think Libronix has an affiliate program & even if they do, I am not a part of it.)

If you are a Logos customer, I would suggest you check it out.  I have already voted & am anxious to see what books advance.  I know that at the end there will be a few I probably will pick up if they advance far enough & the discount goes deep enough.

You can find Logos’ description of the March Madness here.

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