Friday, March 13, 2009

Preachers…You Need to Blog



The longer I blog (I am heading up to the two year mark, here) the more convinced I become of its inherent  benefits.  I continue to be amazed by the preachers my age and even a little younger who look at me like a deer in headlights when I talk about blogging.  (“I could never do that!  I wouldn’t know what to say?”  DO YOU THINK I DO???)  I was in a room of about 30 preachers a couple of weeks ago and the presenter asked how many of them were on Facebook and then how many of them read blogs (not to mention WRITE them). Three of us raised our hands in both cases. The other two were guys who appeared to be in their twenties.  That is pathetic.  We preachers can be so out of the loop of where our people are (not to mention where the world is.)

But I am convinced I am a better preacher because of my blog…and not JUST because my major subject is about preaching. (Although hopefully that helps, too).

Chris Forbes (not a preacher) posted this week on ways that blogging help business people become better public presenters (read: “preachers”?)

Here is his list with a sentence or two, but you really should read his entire post here.

Blogging can help you shape your presentations by giving you an outlet to draft the concepts and phrases that work in sales and report presentations. Also, blogging helps you become more natural, confident, and concise in your conversations with clients.

1. Blogging Makes You a Better Extemporaneous Speaker and Writer

If you blog regularly your ideas will flow better in conversation because you have spent time thinking about your products and services and the solutions they offer to your clients.  Also, email exchanges with clients happen throughout the process of conducting your business with them. Blogging is like practicing good business email.

2. Blogging Helps You Become a Better Problem Solver

A good sales presentation needs to show you understand the needs of your customers and how your product is linked to a solution to their stinkiest problems. Blogging helps you translate corporate-speak into your own, more natural voice. Blogging can purge your conversation of useless technical jargon that only serves to put barriers between you and your clients.

3. Blogging Makes You More Concise

Anyone can give a long-winded response or report to a client. The honest truth is, the thicker the report, the less likely it will be read…. It is hard to communicate things in short ways. Blog posts by nature need to be brief, so by practicing blogging, you are honing your skills as a concise communicator.

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