Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another example of Preaching & Social Media

image The Next Level Church in Matthews, NC recently also used a creative method of social networking as a part of the Easter Sunday sermon (see previous post about LifeBridge Christian Church).  People were encouraged to “tweet” on their Twitter accounts about their reactions/feelings about the sermon as they hear it. 

The goal was to let others experience what God was doing in that persons life as they heard the sermon.

“People who didn’t get to make the service get the opportunity to see what notes I’m taking and what’s going on here in the service,” church member Robbie McLaughlin said.

Lead Pastor Todd Hahn, said social networking sties like Twitter are evidence of “a real desire in our community and our city for human connection.”

“We want to leverage everything that happens technologically in our culture to help people to God and to teach each other,” Hahn said

The article said that members did not find the activity distracting them from the message.  I neither commend nor condemn.  I just find it fascinating.  While I have a Twitter account & “tweet” some, I would be really fascinated to see how many of our church folks do.  Find the article about the service here.

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