Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Libronix Resource


I have linked to several Restoration Movement .pbbs that I have built.  They have to be used within the Logos/Libronix Bible software.  But  today I uploaded J.W. McGarvey’s Treatise on the Eldership to my website.

If you have Libronix and want to download the file, you can find it here. (As before, the link is toward the bottom of the page and you will need to right click it and “Save as” to wherever your Libronix Resources directory is located on your computer).

Per the request of some who have asked me who this is and why it is important:

McGarvey was for many years professor at the School of the Bible in Lexington, KY.  Here is a brief bio.  This book was
seminal in many churches’ understanding of the biblical role of eldership in the late 1800's even up until the middle of the 20th century. He is also known for his works: The Fourfold Gospel, his Commentary on Acts and Lands of the Bible (along with many others).

He was affiliated with the Restoration Movement (Stone-Campbell movement) which is the common heritage of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ; the Churches of Christ (non-instrumental); and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  The original movement was a unity movement based on the philosophy of restoring the church found in the New Testament.  It was
(until the upsurge of the Mormons) the largest church body indigenous to North America, and in recent years the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ have been the fastest growing church body in the nation. (That stat is 2-3 years old, so may be out of date).

I have checked and double and triple checked the .pbb, but if you find errors, please let me know (I'm sure you will!)  I BELIEVE that this time I have
uploaded the right file.  We'll see...  (Again, I have no doubts you will let me know!)

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