Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cancer Update

C&L at Keller

For any who have been keeping score,I had my follow up appt with my urologist today and they were able to remove all of the cancer.  There was plenty of “clear tissue” around the cancer that the could say, “You are cancer free.” (“ Woo-hoo! and thank you, God”)  The only caveat to that is that I now will have pretty frequent PSA tests to make sure that none of the cancer cells sloughed off into my blood stream and took up residence elsewhere. But that was the news we had hoped for.  All “un-natural appliances” have been removed (double woo-hoo!) & I have a ways to go in several areas, but we are on the way.  Thanks for the prayers you offered up on our behalf.

Cal & Loretta. (Picture is from first of March when we went to see the stage play Wicked.)


wedding for said...

that's such a relief to hear. it's encouraging to see some prayers answered.

Milton Stanley said...

Well, that's great news. Thanks for sharing it, Cal. Peace.

PS: There's a rather cute verification word for this comment: frampho. For some reason it reminds me of a British rocker with a flamboyant hair style.

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