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Hipster Prayer List

Prayer Hipster 001The “Hipster” is known in many circles as a great do-it-yourself calendar/organizer (also known as the Hipster PDA). I have found that (for me) it works even better as a carry-along prayer list. It allows me both to pray for those I care about in the spare moments of the day, plus it is always available, and so instead of just saying “I’ll pray for you” I can whip out the Hipster Prayer List and write down their name & need. (I usually also put the date I begin praying). It is called the “Hipster” because it is easy to stick in a hip pocket & carry along with you. (Or in a purse if you carry a purse!)Binder clip  Having it with me also helps me remember to whom I need to make a phone call or plan a pastoral care visit.

The Hipster is basically just a stack of 3x5 cards held together by something (many use a black binder clip, but below re: my preference).

On my website you can find this article to which I have attached twelve cards for you to be able to print out & begin immediately. You will need to cut them out after printing. I generally put a yellow stripe across the top so the cards are easily identifiable. I have given you eight pre-printed cards. The third sheet of cards has the yellow stripe, but not the labels, so you can print it, cut the cards & then label yourselves.

I also carry several blank cards, so that if I need to go to a second card on a specific area, I have the cards with me. You can also just not cut two cards that are side by side, fold them in the middle and “voila!” you have a 4 page 3x5 card! They are also great for making notes on or writing down reminders to yourself (that was part of the original intent of the “Hipster”—it was to be an “ubiquitous capture tool” (in the words of productivity guru David Allen).  Those cards come in very handy when you come upon a sermon illustration—if your hipster is with you, you always have something on which to write it down.  Some will clip a pin under the scrunchie, or you can actually clip a pen onto a binder clip. 

There are, however, two more important keys for me:Prayer Hipster 002

1. I take a piece of cardboard (the back piece off of a yellow legal pad works perfectly). Just some piece of cardboard that is not too thick (not corrugated), but thick enough to be a backing to allow you to write on the cards. If you cut the cardboard just a tiny big bigger than the 3x5 cards, that works great. THEN--this is important—midway down the card you cut two notches (see photo) on either side. (See #2 for why). Some people make a front cover out of a similar thickness of cardboard to keep the cards clean & from bending.  They often decorate the cover with all sorts of art, pictures, etc.  It is just too much of a nuisance for me to do that.  Every time I want access to a specific card, I have to first remove the cover, find a place for it and then find the card.  It’s not worth the hassle to me…but for you, you may be different!

image 2. A hair scrunchie or elastic-band-like-thing that girls use in their hair. Not the thick frilly kind of “scrunchie”, but the thin kind that girls have been using in their hair for generations in place of rubber bands to make a pony tail, etc. You have cut a notch in both sides of the cardboard (haven’t you?) & the “scrunchie” fits into the notches, both holding your cards in place and itself staying in place without easily sliding off.  For me this works better than a binder clip.

It is as complicated as that.  

If you want to find more information on the Hipster PDA check here or  here.


Again, to download the templates I have provided check here on my website.

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