Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beginning Year #3 of Talking the Walk


Two years ago today I began an experiment: could I improve my preaching by using the accountability tool of a public blog to force myself to think, read, evaluate and discuss preaching?  What had always been stated by others to be a key strength of my ministry suddenly now was being strongly criticized by an organized group within the church.  And while interviewing for a job to teach preaching at a Bible college, when I was asked what I had read recently on preaching, I was flummoxed.  I really wasn’t reading regularly in the area of preaching at all. And I was embarrassed by that. (And while they offered me the job anyway, I didn’t take it.) 

And so while at the Festival of Homiletics in Nashville in May 2007 (another effort to rejuvenate my preaching), I began this little effort.  I didn’t know if it would last and it has been through various stresses. At times my blogging became sparse. At other times I was posting more than one post a day for months in a row. And while my focus is preaching, I have at times steered off on tangents. 

Most recently my challenge has been that I am not preaching every week.  And I miss that.  But that doesn’t mean that it is not still one of my passions, that I won’t preach again nor that this can’t be a time to continue to lay groundwork for the future.  So, I continue to read, to listen to sermons, to outline sermons, etc.

So, if you have walked with me through the past two years, thanks. Knowing that people are reading this is a HUGE motivator to keep it up, and to improve both the quality of my content and the quality of my writing. And if you are still with me, let’s continue to talk about preaching so that this important task of Christian ministry is improved, both in our lives, but also in the church as a whole.



daniel said...

i've taken lots of classes about exegesis, hermeneutics, homiletics and all those other fancy words that basically mean the honest, passionate pursuit of meaning in the bible and making this message relate to our culture today.

your example, however, has continually taught me (and i'm sure many more) about the art behind it all. i believe its that art that gives life to this whole process.

I've appreciated greatly our friendship and this blog as I have just begun my own artistic ministry of the Word. so...thanks.

Charles said...

Congratulations and happy blogging!

Milton Stanley said...

Glad you started the blog, and I hope it continues to be a blessing to you and others. Peace.

Cal Habig said...

Thank you Dan. Your words are an encouragement! (Always are)

Thank you, too, Charles & Milton: you both are examples of perseverance and insight to me. (Although Charles, I will NEVER be able to match your voluminosity! [I know that's not a word, but the amount of copy you produce is truly amazing!)

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