Friday, May 15, 2009

Colin Adams>>Picking a Sermon Series

imageRecently Colin Adams (pictured, right) reflected on some time he and others spent with Peter Grainger discussing how one chooses sermon series. 

God’s Word addresses all and every situation. Nonetheless, certain parts of God’s Word can be more apt for a given time and situation.

Factors in choosing a sermon topic/series?

1. The profile of a particular church (know your church)

  • Age range/background
  • Christian maturity
  • Non-Christians present 
  • Oncers/twicers
  • Needs of congregation

2. The challenges/message to THE Church (which can/should be preached in every church)

When starting out or preaching elsewhere: try to find as much as you can about the church. Or ask: What is the Spirit saying to Western churches in general at this time?

  • financial – materialism (credit-crunch)/insecurity 
  • sexual – Internet etc.  
  • truth/exclusive claims 
  • hot topics – what about the Canaanites?

Specific situations may lead to a last minute alteration

  • Dunblane massacre
  • Princes Diana’s death
  • Tsunami

e.g. Luke 13 – Jesus and tragedy (have in reserve)

Colin lists a couple of more, but I would just direct you to his post to read the entire article.  

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