Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mead>>What Is It That We Preach

During this last week, while I was discussing Bob Russell’s Preaching Forum, there were several helpful posts that I could not draw attention to without interrupting that image series.

Peter Mead (good as always) asked those of us who have committed ourselves to preaching the Bible, “What is it really, that we preach?”

Two options exist:

Option A – We preach the main thought of a text.

Option B – We preach an aspect of biblical theology prompted by the main thought of a text.

Peter discusses both, while pressing for the first.  he says, “I see value in both options, but on this site I urge a commitment to option A (preach the text you are preaching), with an awareness of option B (develop the theology of the text biblically if you deem it necessary)”.   He concludes, thus:

Identifying these two categories is an intriguing starting point for reflection on my own approach to preaching and hopefully for yours too.  Where might this reflection lead?  Is it necessary to offer rationale and critique of each?  Will people recognize that I am not setting up a permanent either/or mutually exclusive construct, but rather identifying the primary leaning of the expository preacher?

You really need to read the entire post here.

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