Monday, May 18, 2009

Questions for a Preacher’s Wife

image Mary Kassien at Titus2Talk has put up a list of questions for Preacher’s Wives. Mary states that her purpose in the questions is: “to inspire and encourage women who are married to a pastor or to a seminary student. Also we want to give other women an insight into the challenges that pastors' wives face so we can better encourage and pray for those in leadership.”

I think it might also be helpful for preachers to ask themselves if they know how their wife would answer these questions…and then ask her to see if you are right!!

1. What do you think is your most important responsibility as a pastor's wife?
2. Is there anything that you think is not part of your role that others may assume is?
3. What boundaries have you established in order to protect your marriage and family life?
4. How do you apply Galatians 6:2 ("Carry each other's burdens") when facing difficulties or frustrations in ministry?
5. Where do you and your husband find your own pastoral care?
6. How do you deal with criticism of you or your husband?
7. What is the greatest blessing and what the greatest burden of being a pastor's wife?
8. Are there any books you would recommend that you've found particularly helpful as a pastor’s wife?
9. What one piece of advice would you pass on to a new pastor's wife?
10. How can the other women in a congregation best support you practically and in prayer?

Find the original post, plus some answers here.

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