Friday, June 12, 2009

What is the Health of the Seven Deadly Sins in Your Hometown?


If you follow me on Facebook, you know that several weeks ago I posted a link to an article on a group of researchers at Kansas State University who plotted  demographically the prominence of each of the "7 Deadly Sins” in different parts of the country.  Since my wife is a Kansas State University grad…”If it comes from KSU, it has to be completely true.” Observant readers will note the presence of the K-State “Power Cat” on each of the slides shown here).

Researchers there presented their findings at the Association of American Geographers’ annual meeting at the Riviera Casino in (where else, but) Las Vegas, NV. 

Furthermore, since the presentation was being done in “Sin City", the researchers went a step further and categorized Nevada counties by the predominance of specific  sins. 

imageGreed was calculated by comparing average incomes with the total number of inhabitants living beneath the poverty line. (Shown in yellow)

Envy was calculated using the total number of thefts — robbery, burglary, larceny and stolen cars. Rendered in green, of course.

Wrath was calculated by comparing the total number of violent crimes — murder, assault and rape — reported to the FBI per capita. Vought and his colleagues used the color red to illustrate wrath.

Lust was calculated by compiling the number of sexually transmitted diseases — HIV, AIDS, syphilis, chlamydia and imagegonorrhea — reported per capita.

Gluttony was calculated by counting the number of fast food restaurants per capita,

Sloth was calculated by comparing expenditures on arts, entertainment and recreation with the rate of employment.

And pride, lastly, is most important. The root of all sins, in this study, is the aggregate of all data. Vought and his Kansas State colleagues combined all data from the six other sins and averaged it into an overview of all evil. (Shown in Purple)

Find the article for the Las Vegas Sun here.  The Sun dismissed the research as “a precision party trick — rigorous mapping of ridiculous data.”

It is interesting (to me at least) to see what sins are listed as predominant in the area where I live…what about you?

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