Friday, July 10, 2009

Any Experience With the ESV Study Bible?


After grumbling about it for a while I finally broke down and bought an ESV [English Standard Version] Study Bible.(Used up a Barnes & Noble gift card). Going to switch my Bible reading to that for a while and check out the notes (if it doesn't give me a hernia first--check out its size if you don't know what I'm talking about). I'm not going into it with a great attitude, however, because I believe it is not gender neutral and that will sink it for me as a usable translation.

Have you had any good/bad/notable experiences in using either the English Standard Version, or the ESV Study Bible? Have you noticed a difference in your arm muscles? ;-)


Don said...

Cal ... I like the ESV a lot. But I only use the on-line version. Very easty to navigate. Not perfect and I have wished for a few changes. But it's good. The hard-back ESV is too big.

Cal Habig said...

Thanks, Don! I am finding I agree about the size at least. I really hesitate to pick it up to do my daily study simply because it is so honking BIG! But I really want to decide how I feel about the translation.

David said...


Have you checked out the NET Bible?

I know this is hard to explain, without sounding opinionated, but it seems there is a huge reformed theology *cough*Calvinism*cough* push behind the ESV.

I will say that the ESV reads a lot better than my trusty NASB stand by. But I have really enjoyed using the NET Bible as of late.

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