Saturday, July 25, 2009

Posting Comments on My Blog Site

I have had several people comment on my FB page about posts that I have posted here.  Often they say, “I didn’t know how to comment on a blog.”  It is not that hard. 

For future reference, to comment on a post:

  1. At the end of the post, there will be a note: either "Comments" or (on mine) "# Comments" (like "0 Comments")
  2. You click that word (“Comments”) and it takes you to a page that says (on the right hand side), "Leave Your Comment" with a text box. You type your comment in there.
  3. When you are done, you "Choose an identity."
    1. The best way is to click "Name/URL." That gives you a place to type your name.
    2. For better or for worse most people pick "Anonymous"--that's the easiest. If you do pick "anonymous" it is polite still to sign your post at the end with your name.
    3. If you have a Google account or an OpenID you can use those.
  4. Below that you click the orange box "Publish Your Comment."
  5. Sometimes, it asks you to type in a couple of words to make sure you're not a spamming computer.

But that is it. It really couldn't be much easier. At least, that’s how you do it on Blogger, the blogging platform I use.  It is very similar with other blogging platforms like Wordpress.  Chime in any time!!

I actually prefer for you to chime in here rather than on my Facebook account. The reason: more people can see your comments here and can comment on your comments and we actually get conversation going.  Second, when you comment, it is noted by Google and it raises my visibility in the Google search engine—more people can find this blog!

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