Friday, August 21, 2009

Are Yo Comments Whack?

There are several podcasts that I appreciate.  A quick sample of my iTunes favorite podcasts include: Speaking of Faith, with Christa Tippett, the Christianity Today podcast, and two vodcasts: Larry King Live (the link is half-way down the page) and the sermons by Matt Boswell [from the church my son serves as worship pastor: Duvall Church. (hit the media tab).]

But I recently have been introduced one of the best podcasts I have seen in a long time if not ever!image 



It is Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.  (When my wife first saw “Quick & Dirty Tips” she thought I was looking at porn…honestly!)  I admit that I can be a little A-R about grammar (OK, a LOT A-R about grammar), but I am really loving this podcast.

OK, but except for improving our grammar in preaching (which would be a VERY GOOD THING for many of us), why do I mention it here?  This is a preaching blog!

Because this is a preaching BLOG.  And one of the important elements of blogs are reader comments.  I don’t get a lot of comments here.   image   But I do get some. image (As an aside, the lack of comments is what led me to add the counter at the bottom of the page:  is ANYBODY really reading this stuff?  Thankfully, I found out, you are!  But it’s still OK to comment!)

So as my public service for the day, I thought I would link to Mignon Fogarty’s blog post on writing comments on blogs

I’ll list her suggestions here, but Mignon amplifies on each one.  You really should read her comments about each “rule”:

Rule #1 -- Determine Your Motivation

Rule #2 -- Provide Context

Rule #3 -- Be Respectful

Rule #4 -- Make a Point

Rule #5 -- Know What You're Talking About

Rule #6 -- Make One Point per Comment

Rule #7 -- Keep it Short

Rule #8 – Link Carefully

Rule #9 – Proofread

Read the entire post here

Mignon also links to a terrific YouTube video of two girls rapping about the negative comments they get on their YouTube videos.  It’s is great! (Take a look):


David said...

Funny, I listen to the Public Speaker's Quick & Dirty a similar reaction when my wife borrowed my iPod for a trip.

all about Christ,

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Michele said...

Nice, I am going to show this to my pastor!

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