Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Observation of a Milestone and a Thank You

imageAs I posted the blog entry for this evening, “All of Scripture Points to Christ, Pt 2”, I glanced down and saw that we had passed what is to me a gratifying milestone.  Sometime in the past day we  passed the 30,000 visits mark for my blog.  Actually, it’s been more than that, because I didn’t add the counter until Dec. 11, 2007 and I had begun my blog the previous May 24.

But since I wasn’t counting before that, I don’t worry about it.  For the big mega-blogs (Like Top News and Opinion on the Huffington Post, TechCrunch, or Boing, Boing) they get 30,000 visits in an hour.  But I am not them, and this blog is not meant to be attractive to everyone (as I keep telling Loretta… ‘You find it boring because I am not writing it for you!”)

But one of the several reasons I keep doing this is because you check it out, occasionally you respond (I would like more of that) and you tell others who you think would find this blog useful.  So, thank you. It is OUR milestone together!!


Charles said...

Congratulations on your milestone. I appreciate your blog.

Janice Kaiser said...

Good going, Cal. Congrats to you and your readers.

Kathi Karnowski said...

Great job Cal. Congrats for reaching people the modern way.

Cal Habig said...

(At least my relatives are reading me!!) Thanks.

And thank you Charles. Your blog is inspiring to me.

Michael McCann said...

I'm not surprised at your blog success. Cal, you have always been an excellent communicator, whether in print or speech, and you present stimulating thought!

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