Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unashamed Workman>>Preach on Alienation In Order to Reconcile

image Last Saturday, Colin Adams posted a quote on his blog, “Unashamed Workman.”  It comes from Chad Brand, professor of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He said it in reaction to those who would say that to reach our world, preachers must quit talking about sin, alienation and (especially) hell. 

Here is what Dr. Brand states:

“So, we preach on alienation, but not in order to alienate. We preach on alienation in order to reconcile. So, when you preach on sin, do it with tears in your eyes and not a flash of anger. (Don’t preach against anger angrily.) When you preach on sin and alienation, do it recognizing your own sinfulness and alienation. Admit that you, too, have been where they are, and that you are not the expert come here to lecture them on getting their lives right. You are simply the one who got out of the mire before they did, so that you could throw them a rope of rescue. But when you preach on sin, make it clear that this is a crucial moment. With both anger and lust, Jesus said, “Do something now! This is not the time to mull it over. Get out now, or you may be in hell by morning.”

You can find Colin’s blog here.

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