Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blue September


Talking the Walk is a preaching blog.  Always has been. Always will be.  But it is MY blog, and most of you know that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past year.   I had surgery in April and am doing well.  This past weekend I participated in the Portland to Coast—a 127-mile relay race.  It was hard, but I had some of the best walk times on our team, even though I was the oldest member. 

It is, however, estimated that this year (2009) 27,360 American men will die of prostate cancer.  192,280 men in the U.S. will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.

My cancer would have gone totally undetected if I had not had a PSA blood test.  My doctor said that after the physical exam, my prostate “looked" great!”   But for the past five years or so, I have insisted on having an annual PSA test. When I did, the count came back 5 points higher than it had been the previous year.  The number itself was not all that high, but the jump in one year was significant.  The doctor ordered a biopsy and it was then that they discovered cancer.

Most preachers are men.  And most men HATE going to the doctor. And even MORE than most hate the prostate exam.  But it is essential.

We cannot afford to lose good preachers to an easily treatable disease. (We can’t afford to lost faithful, mediocre preachers either!)

This month has been declared “Blue September” to highlight prostate awareness.  (Pink is often used for breast cancer…typically a women’s disease and blue is usually used for prostate cancer, a specifically man’s disease).

Men, if you are over 45 (especially if you are over 50): make this a Blue September--get a physical & get your PSA count checked, so that your family doesn’t have a “blue” month down the road because of your untimely death due to prostate cancer.

End of sermon.   Go in peace of God, the grace of Christ and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.


Nanny Smith said...

Thank you for this post--I hope it encourages more men to be checked!

Janice Kaiser said...

Keep up the good work.

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