Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spurgeon Fellowship Schedule for 2009-2010


I have recently been blogging about the first of the 2009-2010 Spurgeon Fellowship lectures at Western Seminary which was given by  Art Azurdia.  This is the fourth season for the SF lectures. In case you will be in Portland on the following dates, here is the schedule for the rest of this school year.  (While the sessions are free, pre-registration is required.  The auditorium will only hold 250 people. It ALWAYS sells out).

November 3, 2009 (Tuesday)
DR. ALEX MONTOYA “Preaching And The Purpose Of The Church”

Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries at The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley and Pastor of First Fundamental Bible Church of Monterey Park, California.

We will examine the place of Biblical preaching as the primary means for advancing the grand purpose of the church, the importance of the pulpit as the driving force for the church, as well as the necessity of the pulpit being in step with the Biblical purpose of the local church.

January 12, 2010 (Tuesday)
DR. MIKE JONES “The Weapons Of Our Warfare”


Pastor of Independent Bible Church in Port Angeles, Washington.

At the end of our spiritual journey, will we be able to say with the apostle Paul, ”I have fought the good fight?” In a day given over to constant attacks on the role of the preacher and the importance of preaching the word of God faithfully, we need to know the weapons supplied by God for victory.


March 16, 2010 (Tuesday)
Session 1: DR. JOHN JOHNSON “The Need To Preach Ecclesiastes In An Age Of Folly”

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. John is also Lead Pastor of Village Baptist Church in Beaverton, Oregon

Most congregants have a disparaging view of Ecclesiastes, while most preachers tend to avoid this book. But could Ecclesiastes be one of the most timely, significant books for our present culture? If so, how in the world do we preach it?

Session 2: DR. ROBERT SMITH “Doctrine That Dances”

Professor of Christian Preaching at Beeson Divinity School. Author of Doctrine That Dances: Bringing Doctrinal Preaching and Teaching to Life, he pastored for twenty years and has preached and taught in over forty schools in the United States and abroad.

“Ministers who dare to preach doctrinally must always remember that they not only participate in rightly dividing the word of truth before the congregation, but that they are also divided by that same word.” But what happens to the man who, while laboring at preaching, fails to experience the truth being proclaimed? What are the effects of this on the congregation? How can a preacher be touched by the Word he proclaims?

For more information or to register for The Spurgeon Fellowship, call 877-517-1800 x1855 (toll-free) or 503-517-1855 or visit  Western Seminary is located at 5511 SE Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, OR.

Download the informational brochure here.

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