Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are You Naturally Funny?

I don’t think that I am.  Therefore, I always keep my eyes open for appropriate ways to include humor in my preaching. (I have had some unsuccessful attempts)

I have already referred to Quick and Dirty Tips on Grammar.  But there an entire stable of Quick and Dirty web sites.  Today I saw Lisa Marshall’s post on “How to Add Humor to Your Posts.”  Now, this is not a preaching site…it is for professional speakers, but we preachers could often learn a thing or two from professional speakers!

Lisa’s post begins:image

The first time I received a speaker evaluation form that said, "I really enjoyed Lisa's quirky sense of humor, " I framed the evaluation form and put it on my desk. I still have that evaluation form and that was many years ago!

I was so proud of myself because I'm not a naturally funny person. I had been working very hard to be recognized as a humorous speaker because during my late husband's illness, I had experienced first hand just how powerful laughter could be.

And when I decided to become a professional speaker, I knew I wanted people to laugh. Of course, I didn’t want them to laugh at me; but I did want them to laugh and learn with me.

Humor Brings Us Closer Together

I'm sure you know from your own experiences that laughter brings people together. Humor helps to defuse difficult situations. It reduces stress. I've even read research that says laughter makes our internal organs work better!

So, of course, I wanted to incorporate fun and laughter into my presentations. Again, I'm not a naturally funny person, so over time, I had to learn how to be a humorous speaker. In today's episode I’ll give you some tips and techniques that worked for me so that you can add humor to your presentations too.

The first time I was funny on stage was an accident. I still very clearly remember I was giving a demonstration of body language. I was slumping my shoulders and looking depressed and then I said, "I'm very happy to be here today."

That is just the start.  Check out the entire post here.

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Loretta said...

Great article about humor. Wish I could think of something humorous to post here, but alas I'll just say it was a good article. How boring is that? :)

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