Monday, February 1, 2010

Peter Mead>>Planning a Selective Series

image One of my favorite preaching bloggers, Peter Mead blogged last week about series preaching

What criteria can you use when planning a series in a longer book that you don’t want to last for years?


Here are some pointers:

Foundation – Know the message, flow and structure of the book.   Without this you are likely to end up with a plan that doesn’t represent the book, or you’ll start into the series and end up preaching every passage .

1, Select key moments in the book. In every book there are key moments of transition or anchor points for the flow of the book. 

2. Select key examples in the book. There are some passages that may not be at a transition point, but are just very typical of the style and message of the book.

3. Select an example in a sequence, but show the whole progression. Often a book will string together a series of stories making a similar point, such as in Mark 2-3.  …This covers a lot of ground, but can make quite an impression as people feel the weight of the authority demonstrated by the whole sequence.

4. Select passages you want to preach. As long as you have the other three types of message included, there is nothing wrong with selecting based on personal motivation – the fruit will probably show in your preaching if you are motivated!

5. Keep the big idea of the book clear throughout. Consistently, even if subtly, reinforce the big idea of the whole book to cohere the series.

Peter uses preaching from Mark as examples in many of the points in his original article.

Find the full article here.

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