Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Survey on Summer Preaching Plans


With the coming of summer, how do you plan your preaching topics during the next three months?

Please go to this link and share your plans:

I’ll share the results after it seems like enough time has gone by for people to answer the question.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Tell Them What You Want!

Yesterday, Pastor Adam McMurray (the associate minister at River West Church, where Loretta and I attend) preached and he reminded me of a principle that is often used in evangelistic preaching, but is useful in all sorts of preaching where you have a specific action you want people to take at the end of the service. 

Guy (and Adam) are preaching through Galatians.  Adam preached on image Paul’s confrontation of Peter as recorded in Gal. 2:11-21.  (Not what I would think of when I think of a rich evangelistic text!!)  And evangelism was not the main purpose of either the text or the sermon.  But Adam worked the sermon into a strong evangelistic ending.   But about 1/3 of the way through the sermon he “pre-warmed” people (at an appropriate place) that he was going to give them an opportunity to make a statement of commitment to Christ toward the end of the sermon.

Twenty years ago I remember hearing Billy Graham say that he mentioned several times in each crusade sermon that he was going to ask people to get out of their seats and come down to the front.  And in the sermons I listened to specifically for that part, he did.  Two or three times he would pre-warm them (yes I chose that word over pre-warn) that he was going to ask them to come forward. 

Why did he do that?

To get people used to the idea.   You might think that one would NOT want to do that because people would be able to begin to throw up objections to why they should NOT come forward (or whatever) since they know that is what you are going to ask.  That is generally not the case.  Those who do that probably won’t come forward anyway, pre-warmed or not. 

In fact people are actually able to think through what would happen if they DID go forward.  (I could take my purse.  Grandpa could stay here with the kids).

When it comes time for the preacher to ask them to do that, it’s not a surprise.  “Oh, here it is!” is more the response.  “It’s time.” 

I have used this technique in several ways.  I have used it numerous times in evangelistic sermons. I have often used it in financial commitment sermons when I was going to ask people to fill out a financial commitment card at the end of the sermon.   I have asked them when I was going to move them into prayer groups at the end of the sermon. 

I know that lots of us can have problems with “techniques.”  It smacks of manipulation.  In this case, I don’t think that is the case.  It is honoring people by not taking them by surprise or relying only on a rousing call or a tear jerking story.  You have placed the seed of what you want them to do in their minds for both they (and the Holy Spirit) to work on as the sermon progresses. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I had a great conversation today with Steve Vensel the executive director of PastorServe-South Florida. (Find it here.)

But in the conversation he introduced me to the concept of “mobbing”.image   That is not something that happens at a Jonas Brothers concert or the “Battle in Seattle” at the 1999 WTO meeting. 

It happens in churches. 

Here is how Steve defines “mobbing” in a post on his website “Pooped Pastors”:

Mobbing is related to workplace bullying, organizational power factions, forced resignations, and forced terminations. Mobbing is defined as the prolonged malicious harassment of a coworker by a group of other members of an organization to secure the removal from the organization of the one who is targeted. Mobbing involves a small group of people and results in the humiliation, devaluation, discrediting, degradation, loss of reputation and the removal of the target through termination, extended medical leave or quitting. It is a traumatizing experience that often results in significant financial, career, health, emotional and social loss. Mobbing is unjust, unfair and undeserved. In a church setting the organization includes staff members, elders, deacons, and congregation members.

I would suggest checking out his full essay on it. You’ll find it here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sage from Leadership Network

Yesterday I learned of a new online conference entitled Sage.  Leadership Network has gathered 40 experience leaders & asked them, “What Would You do Differently?”

It seems worth checking out.  Find more info at


Monday, May 10, 2010

Discipleship Bibliography pt. 2

Yesterday I gave the first part of a discipleship bibliography that I had compiled for a Presbyterian brother here in Portland.  Here is the rest of the list. 

imageAs I said yesterday, if you have recommendations from this list or ones to add to it, please put them in the comments section. I will forward them on to him.


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Friday, May 7, 2010

Discipleship Bibliography, pt. 1

Yesterday at our Tigard Pastors Prayer Group one of our members ask for suggestions on the best book(s) on discipleship and disciplemaking. 

I sent him a bibliography and also sent it to the group asking for their additions or recommendations from the list.  image

Here is the first part of the list.  I will conclude the list tomorrow. (The ones marked in bold are the ones I have read. The ones marked with asterisks are ones I would recommend that he start with).

This comes from a particularly American evangelical perspective because that is who I am and what my background has been.  None of them are perfect & none of them are complete. 

You can help with this…are there ones you would highlight for Bob on this list, or ones you would add?  Put them in the comments section

Adsit, Christopher. Personal Disciple Making: A Step by Step Guide for Leading a Christian from New Birth to Maturity. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1988.

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